The Band Explains: Never Hill - 'Fire'. (Video)

Who: English alternative quintet Never Hill is comprised of  Adam Ross (vocals/guitar), Dan Thomson  (guitar),  Jake Mendham ( bass/vocals) and  Peter Cornell (drums).

About The Track'Fire' is taken from the band's debut EP 'Epilogue', released 13th November. The track features a lovely acoustic intro, supported by naked, easy listening pop punk vocals before the band bring in heavier aspects in the form of a foreceful driving drum beat and solid guitar licks. This is an incredibly catchy alternative pop track with warm harmonies, clever lyrics, and an astuteness that sneakily reels the listener in, stands true to influences, whilst simultaneously remaining fresh and in the moment.

The Band Explains

About The Track:
Jake: We started writing 'Fire' back in September last year, during our first attempt at recording Epilogue at Britannia Row in London. We were fixated on writinga song like The 1975's track Robbers. Once we got the melody and the lyrics we started to perfect it in practice, then take it out to shows. When we took it into the final attempt recording Epilogue with Ben Sansom of Lower Than Atlantis, it changed and became a completely new song, the song you hear today.

Adam: When writing Fire, lyrically I wanted it to portray the change from boy to man. The majority of people our age have been exposed to bad influences including the people surrounding them using drugs and drinking alcohol, resulting in them being in situations that could potentially have serious consequences. Fire represents the epiphany that one has in order for them to separate themselves from these situations. I believe that people should focus on their future as opposed to doing things they will grow to regret. Fire is very much written from my point of view and the experiences I had around the time of going off to university; leaving most of my school friends behind who hadn't yet found there niche. I felt bad for them but soon realised that I had to focus on my own future and begin building a career for myself. Dreams I've had since I was very young now seemed in reaching distance.

About The Video:
Jake: We wanted the video to link the track to the band name, as well as be closely linked to the lyrics. We had the idea of 'The Lost Boys' from the band's favourite film HOOK. We had a few ideas and so did our director, Luke Collins and we ended up using both. The concept was to let go of being scared, and to become a braver person, which ties in with the lyric "take a deep breath, even when you're at the edge." During the video, the [lost] boy's hand shakes of fear, until he has to become brave and fight off his demons; with them gone he can be a braver and stronger person.

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