The Band Explains: The Hamiltons - 'Paranoid' (Video).

Who: The Hamiltons are a sibling due made up of Emma Hamilton (vocals/piano/accordion) and Tom Hamilton (vocals/piano/guitar).

About The Track:  'Paranoid'  is the debut single from The Hamiltons which was released on 25th September 2015 and features Tommy Emmanuel on guitar. Vibrant and seductive, the track encompasses a rich palette of influences and experiences including elements of  Irish music, Australian pop, electronic, indie, and French jazz classics.

The Band Explains: "This was the first song we wrote and produced that identified the sound we now have as uniquely our own. Growing up on jazz and folk music we were keen to take our influences and redevelop them into something new, by bringing in some more contemporary sounds like the drum and percussion sounds we used. The groove of this track is the essence of the song, it's a fat sound and we contrasted it by using instruments such as banjo and horns. The subject matter of the song, we feel, is also something current, in this technology based era where it seems people are more suspicious and aware of privacy than ever before. We were also immensely lucky to be able to feature our friend and guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel on guitar here in the solo! Tommy on our album OMFG!"

Tour Dates
London- Rich Mix - 21st October 8-9pm
London- Pizza Express- The Pheasantry- 29th October 
London- The Borderline (opening for Ryan Sheridan)- 9th November

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