The Band Explains: Flesh World - 'Just To Tear Me Down' (Video).

Who: Flesh World  is a San Fransico four-piece made up of Jess Scott  (vocals + guitar) Scott Moore , (guitar + synth), Andrew Luttrell - (bass) and Diane Anastasio  (drums).

About The Track: 'Just To Tear Me Down' is taken from the band's debut full-length album 'The Wild Animals In My Life', out now on Iron Lung Records.  The track is a vintage sounding, post punk number featuring fuzzy, distorted guitars, brooding power pop melodies and oddly soothing vocals that bring a fun softness to some of the harsher aspects of the production techniques.

The Band Explains: "Flesh World's album title music video was filmed by Roxanne Clifford (Veronica Falls) on 8mm black and white film in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Half Moon Bay, California. Clifford's net casts around references to Derek Jarman and early Dada experiments, wrapping tightly around the record's imagery of leather and fire. The result is a film which dramatically culls through ditches and overpasses near freeways, forgotten coastal harbors, a barber shop, the singer's bedroom, and empty church parking lots. A snapshot of the band's every day life blurs into the sublime with Clifford's dark and detailed vision." - Jess Scott.

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