The Band Explains: ACODA - 'Won't Go Running' (Video).

Who: English alt-metal quartet ACODA is comprised of Damon Tang - (vocals/guitar), Stephen Crook ( bass/vocals), Jake Crawford -(guitar/vocals) and Jay Russell - (drums)

About The Track:
 'Won't Go Running' is the third single from the band's latest album 'Truth Seeker'. The track is is a down-tempo, anthemic affair, oozing with emotion and host to a sing along chorus.

The Band Explains: "Lyrically, 'Won't Go Running' takes on the topic of being there for someone, which isn't necessarily reciprocated. It's a hopeful lyrical theme, where by doing good by someone, you hope that when the time comes, they will mirror your compassion, however naive that may be.
We had initially came up with the chorus hook at a local jam night, where a few members were jamming together. Stephen felt compelled to get up and sing what he heard in his head. It stuck with us for a few months before we worked on it together. The lyrics changed slightly over the writing period, but that moment ended up inspiring the whole track.

Musically, the track is very much a dynamic effort, in that it has a lot of air and space in the verses, yet hits you like a brick wall in the choruses. It's our collective favourite track from the new album!"

"In terms of the video idea itself, we pretty much gave creative freedom to the director, who also directed our last video for 'Make It Up As You Go'. We felt he could thrive from being given that go ahead this time around, as we were quite strict in what we wanted the last effort to look like. We were very interested in his take on how the lyrics could translate into visuals.

The narrative part of the video follows a man who brings death to everything he touches, and his struggle to come to terms with it. In the end he uses it for good, but sometimes it's not always easy to do. I guess the metaphor there is that all you can do is your best for someone, and hope that they will mirror that back upon you. The performance part of the video is very much a dark, moody affair, in which we were lucky enough to have Blackstar really help us go to town in portraying the sound of the song, which we all feel is rather large. Hopefully it comes across that way!"

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