The Artist Explains: Kitten Pyramid - 'HIGH FIVE SCUBA DIVE' (Video).

Kitten Pyramid are a 3 piece British New Wave Prog band from Burton on Trent.

About The Track: 'HIGH FIVE SCUBA DIVE' presents itself in many parts. The track begins somber and poignant with gentle orchestral arrangements and lulling vocal harmonies. It then branches out and incorporates much larger experimental and progressive elements, containing areas of light and dark. The composition explodes just over half way through into jubilant, triumphant, larger than life arrangements before fading out as gently as its introduction. This is a powerful and emotive piece of music that displays victory and defeatism in equal parts.

The Artist Explains: This particular video tells a true story about Scott’s late uncle, the inspiration behind their debut album released last year and planned feature film, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. It chronicles the time he started working for an ice-cream van company:“By this time he had started experiencing episodes that left him unable to work, and more often than not he picked the ice-cream van up, drove it straight home and went to bed without doing his rounds much to the disappointment of the local kids. Stefan is played by Richard Williams who will also play him in the forthcoming feature film ‘Uh-Oh!’”

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