The Artist Explains: August Wells - 'Come On In Out Of That Night' (Video).

Who: August Wells is a musical project formed in New York by Dublin native Ken Griffin (Rollerskate Skinny, Favourite Sons) and New York pianist John Rauchenberger.

About The Track: 
'Come On In Out Of That Night ' was released on Friday September 4th via FIFA records. The track features deep lilting vocals, sweet piano arrangements, uplifting brass arrangements and elegant choruses. This is music tinged with melancholia, yet bathed in hope.

The Artist Explains:
 The strength of the song are the lyrics. The instrumentation and the arrangement really make it all come alive. We are so happy with the wonderful recording and all the performances on the track. The video is centered around a performance, a straight forward concept, let the song speak for itself. The lyrics and music are so strong that the video’s job is not to explain it but to add a nice element to the listening experience. The overlays of the performance gives that 70's vibe like an old Hot Chocolate video. The floating lights and the life in the streets drive us through the song. Visuals of that comforting light in the window of the urban city building is a nice simple suggestion about coming home and coming in out of that night. The song and words speak to so many things that we weren’t trying to explain them but just make a little illustration to go along with it. - John Rauchenberger

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