Single Review: Kopps - 'Dollas for Dimes'.

New York outfit Kopps have gone and served up a hefty slice of chaotic dance-fused loveliness, in 'Dollas for Dimes', taken from the current EP 'The Sound of Music' and it is a little belter.

Music that blends genres effortlessly is a joy to listen to and this track manages to do that - and then some. The record opens with a beeps and buzzes, stripped down fanfare that builds beautifully and then, at about a minute in,  gets grabbed, pushed up against a wall and has wonderfully naughty synths unceremoniously shoved down it's throat as the track drops, instantly changing the dynamic of the record from a little bit cheeky to downright filthy. I. Love. It. The track loops again in the same style for the next minute and the last 40 seconds? Ooof. Just listen to it. Aaaaaand, while that is all going on, the vocal that ties it all together - right from the start - is nothing short of mesmerising.

In short, you have here a wonderful record that makes you wanna grab your girl or boy, head to the dance floor and then head to the bedroom.

Words of  Dave Dingle

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