Single Review: Jimi Charles Moody - 'Death Row'.

Seems there is more than a bit of intrigue about Jimi Charles Moody. A quick internet search reveals very little, other than the suggestion that the persona may or may not be a front for a more well-known artist. Although Spotify only shows a handful of tracks, an eyebrow is certainly raised at the over one-million plays for the music on offer. Seems those in the know are already on the case.

Reviewing Moody’s single ‘Death Row’ very much in isolation (no pun intended..), at first listen springs numerous surprises. A nice bluesy guitar intro quickly leads into Moody’s rich, deep vocal delivery, with lyrics that quickly indicate that all is not well given “she will be the death of me”. However, the downbeat lines are at odds with the unexpected musical flourishes (honky tonk piano, hammond organ, playful string embellishments) that beautifully colour the verse in a restrained but highly-effective manner. The chorus sees the guitar momentarily unleashed in a flurry of pounded chords, before the forceful, yet at the same time soulful, retain of “If you love me just let me go” emphasises those pesky woman troubles. The transition jolts the listener, but in line with the song as a whole adds another welcome dimension (WHO IS THIS?!). A neat little guitar solo leads us back into more lyrical woe, skillfully underpinned by the bitter-sweet musical melodies. Some added vocal layering augments the final chorus, before the track is quietly concluded with the final, mournful uttering of “right now I languish on death row”.

Repeated listens add to the enjoyment of what is a hugely polished track, which comes with an impressed WTH Blows double thumbs up. December will see the vinyl release of debut EP ‘Islington’... one to absolutely watch out for (especially when the identity is revealed as....).

Words of DS_convertible

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