The Band Explains: ROMANS - 'Gio'. (Video)

Who:  ROMANS are an up and coming English alternative rock outfit made up of  Tom Sivell (vocals/guitar), Josh Terry (guitar), Mike Howse  (bass), and Will Sivell (drums).

About The Track: 'Gio' is taken from the band's debut 10-track album '- = +' (pronounced 'Less Is More'). This is a melodic offering with multiple riff arrangements being its driving force. The kind of  alt rock track that offers rough around the edges easy listening, clever lyricism, sing along hooks and a whole lot of  raw likeability.

The Band Explains: "'Gio' came about when we were writing the album. There seemed to be an abundance of standard performance videos about. We've done these before ourselves, and thought we should try something totally different. The band has always worked with the mindset that we take what we do seriously, but we really don't take ourselves seriously, and this was the perfect way to show that! The song has no relation to the video, it just seemed to work the overall idea!" - Tom

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