The Band Explains: Israel Nash - 'Strangers' (Video)

Who: Based in Dripping Springs, near Austin TX,  Israel Nash is as desert folk five-piece made up of Israel Nash, Eric Swanson, Joey McClellan, Aaron McClellan and Josh Fleischman.

About The Track: 'Strangers' is taken from Israel Nash's upcoming album 'Silver Season' due to be released October 9th, 2015 via Loose/Thirty Tigers. Israel Nash merge relaxed, bluesy americana with chilled psychedelia in an incredibly thorough way that is alarmingly simplistic in its purpose; to cut to the spiritual core of its listener. Not only is 'Strangers' a solid offering created with precision,  tenderness and personal experience, it invites its listener to embark on their own reflective journey, leaving the destination in the hands of wherever the individual listener wants the music to take them. Another strong feat from Israel Nash.

The Band Explains: "This song references different encounters with strangers over the past year and how those encounters held gravity in my life. One encounter that influenced the song was when we were robbed in Gothenburg, Sweden while we were on tour. Another is a reference to a dear loved one to me, who, before we met, was once a stranger too. Some strangers change your life for good and others may for the worst. Ultimately though, we are all strangers until we are not. The relationship between people is something so very interesting and important to me. It affects my life and moves my spirit. What kind of stranger are you?

The concept of the video was an idea I had been developing for a few weeks in my head. I really wanted everything to compliment each other so the actual song, with visuals, and the sentences that appear throughout are all different mediums communicating the same themes. I think that makes for an an emotional impact and has the potential to do so at multiple levels. Yes, and oil light shows are incredibly wonderful to watch. =)"

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