The Band Explains: In-Flight Safety - 'Destroy'. (Video)

Who: Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada, In-Flight Safety are seasoned indie rockers formed in 2003 by vocalist and guitarist John Mullane and drummer Glen Nicholson.

About The Track: ‘Destroy’ is a mysterious yet uplifting track that was released on the 24th July via Conehead UK.  Mixed by Gus van Go (The Stills, Hollerado) in Brooklyn NY, ‘Destroy’ is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. There’s beauty in opposites and this single is both pragmatic and ethereal. It’s a love letter and a breakup in one song.

The Artist Explains: "One of my best friends Andrew Stretch works on this  TV show. Haven that is filmed in and around Halifax NS. Over the years I(John)  have been on the show - Season 3 Episode 9, check out the daper band leader in the 50s throwback episode - I have worked on the show and have become close with many of the cast and crew. It's family scenario when you are part of the Haven world.

For the first couple of seasons I would bring my guitar to south shore of Nova Scotia where the filming was going on. Me and Andrew started this thing with Emily Rose (Audrey) and Lucas Bryant (Nathan) where we would meet up on weekends, sip beers, and pick a few songs to cover together -80s jams or Ryan Adams songs or Jayhawks songs. It was really the best times. As time went on I became closer with many others on the show. Through all of these visits to set and to Haven we met so many cool people.

We became friends with the amazing Shawn Piller (Exec producer) and Shawn became a fast fan of In-Flight Safety. The idea came about that our song 'Destroy' would accompany a montage sequence to recap season 5. Shawn fell in love with the tone of the song and felt there was something more to the track. So the idea came about that Andrew would film a music video on set to capture some of the mystery of the show and song. The whole crew got together to rally around this little music video. I have to shout out to Neil Shaw who produced the thing and edited it tirelessly.

It was such an amazing experience. Here we are with all these super talented folks helping us and Andrew make this song come to life. To top it off Adam Copeland (Edge from WWE) asked if he could be part of it. This was kind of bonkers to us. One of us being a huge WWE fan: Jon Samuel. Adam is probably the nicest person I have ever met. He simply wanted to be in the video and loves the song. That was on for the books. Look at the expression on my face as he walks past me. One of us has no acting experience. Ha." - John Mullane.

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