The Band Explains: The Baskervilles - 'Badfella' (Video)

Who:  Hailing from Ipswich, Suffolk, The Baskervilles are a four piece Blues-Rock band  made up of  James Betts,  Blair Ferguson,  Tam,  and Aaron Lamb.

About The Track:   'Badfella' is taken from the band's debut EP 'The Sound of the Baskervilles'. The Baskervilles combine  blues, classic rock, and punk rock influences in a way that reminds us of The Gaslight Anthem (pre - 'Get Hurt' LP, because we're still feeling sorely underwhelmed by that).  We was immediately taken by 'Badfella' as a single  and on listening to the 'The Sound of the Baskervilles' EP in full, it's clear that these guys are really skilled musicians who have a concise and confident sound. If you want a band with grit and grungey, gravelly, gusto. These are the guys for you.

The Band Explains:  "Badfella' is about watching somebody you love become a sickly reflection of themselves, desperately clutching at the ever decreasing flickers of the way they used to be, and for whatever reason, no matter how contorted, disfigured, violent & alien this reflection becomes, wilfully sharing in its demise out of love for a memory, out of loyalty to a ghost. Ultimately, the song is about our innate desire to think well of the ones we love, undisturbed by the facts." - James

"Rather than constructing a story with the video, the vision was to add stylistic visual elements to the vocal narrative, allowing the lyrics and music to tell the story. The use of darkness was employed to draw upon the theme of someone losing themselves, creating a void where the familiar used to be. The blurred and fringing effects represent both the loosing of ones identity and the feeling that the world around you is becoming disjointed. As the video goes on we build towards an ever growing internal struggle that starts to seep out.

We filmed the video in one very long day at the Diss Corn Exchange, with some help from our friend Jake Booth. It was shot and edited by Aaron, the Bass player in The Baskervilles." - Aaron.

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