The Artist Explains: Jjuke - 'A Little More Love'. (Video)

Who: Jjuke is the side project of British Indie Electronica band Mooli's Ben Copland.

About The Track: ‘A Little More Love’ was released on new boutique label So Tangy on September 7th. The track features 80’s guitar and synths, 90’s piano driven house, enigmatic male falsetto vocals and catchy melodies.

The Artist Explains: "I like the kind of tunes which sound quite light and bubbly, but you scratch the surface , and then you start reading all sorts of different messages, when you start analysing the lyrics.

I suppose the sort of artists and lyric writers I take a lot of inspiration from are people like the Specials, and the Beat , Elvis Costello and other artists who were essentially  protest singers from that era, who could dress up a song so that it sounded easy on the ear, and palatable . Maybe they were more in your face about things, but artists from that era tended to stand for something- whether it was rock against racism or what have you , as opposed to now where nearly everything is homogenised , and people are scared to have opinions, or to upset anyone, or indeed the status quo.

I personally think this is a shame, as weve got so much more music available, but hardly anything is actually saying very much, apart from making the words rhyme.

I wrote this song once called One Design for my  old band Mooli, which people have come up to me, and said things like “we make love to that record" etc, but actually the inspiration for that song, I took from an anti war, anti big country dictating to the little guys, kind of song. In fact, very anti Bush, the president, not the band or the hairstyle.

With A little More Love you can either see it as Oh lets all have a little more love shall we, or you can look at it in a few different ways, the inspiration has been taken from a couple of situations really. One of which was being in a situation where I didnt feel like I was getting the respect I deserved and wasnt particularly valued, which made me think of the global situation, where many people feel that way, either in their relationships, jobs , how were treated often as numbers rather than people etcetera.

It was great hooking up with Paul Danan on this release. Paul is a lovely, lovely guy Ive known for a few years. In fact, the way I met him is very memorable, because it was for a five a side footie game in which I ended up dislocating my finger. I swear it was him who did it, but he says not. Anyway, the video -  I was initially going to farm out to a couple of friends I knew, but for whatever reason it didnt work out. It was going to be filmed in Kent , and Id got this actress to appear alongside him, then at the last minute she want AWOL. In the back of my head Id always wanted to film this video in London, as it seemed right to do so, with the nature of the track being what it is.

So with the actress situation not being sorted, and the two friends making the video not being forthcoming either , I decided to take the reins and go with my gut instinct . I knew the band didnt want the video to be a typical band video, with them dancing around, or posing with guitars and synths  or whatever, so I went with my gut instinct, got hold of another  female friend who is very photogenic and just a lovely person to work with, to appear opposite Paul, and a few other people, friends and family basically, and cast Paul as the jealous boyfriend who is very suspicious of who his girlfriends talking to. He suspects she may be interested in  some other guy, and as the video goes on, all is revealed."  Ben Copland.