Single Review & Video: Owen Rabbit - 'Holy Holy'.

Hailing from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia's Owen Rabbit has leapt unashamedly into the music consciousness with a quite hauntingly beautiful record showcasing his unique vocal talents. I'm not a huge fan of music seeming to have to fall into a category and this record demonstrates perfectly that some music cannot be neatly packaged and labelled. Recorded at Owen's own home studio, the record also demonstrates his burgeoning talent as a music producer.

The track simply pulses along taking me instantly back to those post-clubbing Sundays when you would listlessly meander about your house/flat and listen to down-tempo, stripped back, melodic records and let the music take you to any place your brain wanted to go. Gently soaring harmonies and a dark beat, seemingly at odds, work flawlessly together and coupled with Owen's towering vocal you are taken on a journey of anguish and despair as Owen battles on through his own, seemingly fragile, mental state.

Laying himself bare, Owen has produced a quite simply stunning record.

Single Review by Dave Dingle.

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  1. What a perfect way to describe this track. Love it


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