Single Review: Talos - 'In Time'.

Talos is the project of Cork-born artist Eoin French who introduced himself with his electronic/ r&b infused debut single, 'Tethered Bones', a powerful track punctuated with gloopy percussion, warning beeps and a falsetto that wreaked emotional havoc on even the hardest of hearts.  The sparseness of 'Bloom' followed in a similar fashion, marrying electronic rnb and ethereal vocals to such a haphazard degree it is very hard to keep up with the general flow of the track because of its ever changing arrangements; firmly marking itself with Talos' own creative individuality.

In 'In Time' Talos seems to go back to basics with a more natural, contemporary sound and it is spine tingling good. Talos has a very particular way of making bleakness beautiful, finding strength in frailty, making arrangements that say so much without really saying a lot at all. His heavenly falsetto is as effortless as his lyrical themes that are equally poignant, hopeful, and painful all at once.

Speaking on the tack, Talos states:

“It’s about how we exist. We feel and experience a range of things - sadness, happiness, grief, anger - and these all fade. Regardless of what we do there is a constant passing of things. There’s a sense of promise or hope in that.”

This is the kind of artist we can't get enough of.

Words of Karla Harris

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