Single Review- Silverbird - 'Lyfe'.

Having emerged from the New York music scene with their debut EP ‘Surface Life’ last year, Silverbird release their debut album ‘Pureland’ on 18 Sep 15 and ‘Lyfe’ is its lead single. It’s a bold choice to promote an album.

After kicking into life with a glorious guitar riff ‘Lyfe’ surprisingly grinds to a halt after just a minute. It then lazily ambles along for forty seconds, the odd languid twang reminding you that the song hasn’t finished. It’s a brave move that perfectly encapsulates Silverbird’s skewed world – it’s confident and it’s slightly deranged.

Just as you’re beginning to wonder where all this forlorn twanging is leading, they roar back in withthat riff and suddenly we’re listening to a swaggering and unashamedly catchy slab of indie rock that bombs along and fizzles out perfectly. It’s three minutes of melody and emotion – ‘I want to love you forever! I wanna be your best friend!’ - with a large dollop of awkwardness thrown in just because they can.

A bold choice to promote an album but an inspired choice. If this is what we can expect on ‘Pureland’ you can count me in.

Single Review by Chris Roberston.

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