Single Review: Rationale - 'The Mire'.

 London-based singer songwriter and producer Rationale has had somewhat of a  peculiar influence on us over here at When The Horn Blows. Current single 'The Mire' shows off Rationale's impressive baritone and carries an especially vintage sound that would be fitting for a broody 80s themed school prom, or as the artists explains, will be particularly relevant to "a jilted lover, sinking in a self made swamp of unrelenting regret...'

'The Mire' is taken from Rationale's debut EP  'Fuel to the Fire'  which officially became available for  purchase across all major digital platforms (and on vinyl via Best Laid Plans) as of 18/09/2015.  It features 4 tracks that Rationale has released over the past few months including  'Fuel To The Fire'  which is a monumental, omnipresent offering that seemed to resonate and grip us on a deeper and more serious level than 'The Mire'

On having listened to the EP in full, Rationale is an interesting, broad-ranging artist who mixes conventional and uncoventional methods of production, paying special attention to marrying electronics, indie and rnb to create light and dark tracks, giving the EP multiple moods. You can give the EP a test drive over on Rationale's Soundcloud page. Look out for our personal favourite 'Fast Lane' which is such a smooth, likeable, teaser of a track that really gives credit to Rationale's wonderful vocal range and lyrical flare.

Single Review by Karla Harris

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