Single Review: Fronteers - 'Neon Tribe' & 'Youth'.

Bounding into view like four super excited springer spaniel puppies come Fronteers - bounding all the way from Hull in fact. They love girls (yay), music (double-yay) and Hull City FC. Well, 2 out 3 isn't bad, lads. These kids (they're all n-n-n-n-n-n-n-nineteen - the more, ahem, mature readers may get that reference) released their debut single 'Youth' back in August and on the flip is the track 'Neon Tribe'. Now lads, forgive me here, but go borrow a Delorean car (or ask a parent if none of you can drive) which is cunningly disguised as a time machine, accelerate to 88mph, travel back in time a few weeks and argue the toss that 'Neon Tribe' should be the A-side.

Don't get me wrong, 'Youth' is a perfectly good guitar-rock ditty (much lighter in feel to the B-side), it is just that 'Neon-Tribe' is BETTER. It is an instantly likable, sing-a-long, jump around, floor-filling, straight-forward 3 minute slice of guitar-laden rock pie. Above all else, it is an exciting record. Why? Coz in a current guitar-pop/rock/indie/whatever market, it stands out. Raw energy and youth are are powerful combination in the music world but you still have to get the music right and with 'Neon Tribe', Fronteers have nailed it. Pulsating electric guitars, ace harmonies and a melody so perfect I would take it home to meet my mum, mean that you will end up listening to the track more than once. My only grumble is that it 'only' lasted 3 minutes.

I defy any indie popper/rocker not to have a smile upon their chops listening to it - I certainly did.

Single Review by Dave Dingle.

'Youth' is out now on iTunes & available on limited edition 7" vinyl via Rough Trade.

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