Single Review: Alex's Hand - 'Mars Travolta'

Chaos (noun) 'a state of utter confusion or disorder'. Chaos, ladies and gentleman, perfectly describes the sometimes bewildering new single from Seattle outfit, Alex's Hand. Recently relocated to Germany, specifically the uber-cool city of Berlin, the track is a mind-warping, nigh on instrumental, cacophony of noise which is not for the faint hearted.

So, what of the track itself? It is complete assault on the musical senses - it has to be listened to loud - and I believe the record actually caused my brain to reboot 4 times. At times, there is so much going on that you wonder what is happening. This though, dear reader, is not a bad thing at all. Drums, wailing guitars, horns, synths and bass combine to form a complete DIY jazz-punk-fused orchestra that you can't help but enjoy. The guitar/drum heavy opening minute is ace (the drums remind me of Kyuss' 'Gardenia' where you can imagine the drummer giving it everything in a futile effort to be heard), the horns then dive in and the track fizzes along until nearly two mins in when you think you're suddenly in a Tom and Jerry cartoon or some sort of caper movie. Then more heavy guitars, bass, more randomness, more, more, more.

I have played this track to half a dozen people now. Not one has enjoyed it. Some comments are frankly unprintable. But you know what, Alex's Hand? You carry on making this mental racket and enjoy every minute of doing so. Nope, this record will not be everybody's cup of tea (not really sure if it is tea, or even in a cup) but that is what makes it so beautiful. It simply says take me or leave me, albeit in the guise of acid-fueled romp, and I for one would be happy to take more.

Words of Dave Dingle.

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