The Director Explains: Transviolet - 'Girls Your Age' (Video).

Who:  Transviolet are an electro pop quartet based in LA.

About The Track: Speaking of  'Girls Your Age' the band states, "Coming of age is violent. It's beautiful and it's terrifying. It pulls you into this whirlwind of self discovery. You are trying to figure out what you want, and who you are, and simultaneously the world is crashing into you. Just find what you love, and be brave enough to chase it."  Warm and understated, yet predominately sparse in its execution, the track channels a Lana Del Ray-esque feel in its vocals and lyrical themes. As the track progresses, it delves into slightly more textured electro pulsations - whilst still remaining minimalistic - to bring the song to an uplifting climax.

The Director Explains: "When the band approached me with the song and ideas, the process turned into a great creative exchange. It's fantastic working with a band that wants to come out of the gate seeing how far down the rabbit hole they can go. I think the concept we produced has a solid sense of respect for the song, but adds some new visual layers for fans to enjoy." - Joshua Guillaume

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