The Director Explains: Parlement - 'Little Liar'.(Video).

Who: Spanish based garage rock outfit, Parlement consists of singer-songwriter Stefan Robert, Carlos Arroniz on drums, Raül on bass and Javi Bueno on lead guitar.

About The Track: 'Little Liar' is taken from Parlement's debut album 'Be Machinery/You Oughta Be In Pictures' which was released on 29th June 2015.  This is gritty rock and roll with some great classic rock inspired solos. There are strong nods to 60s rock, grunge and 80s/90s Brit Pop influences which give the track a lively fluidity and makes for an enthusiastic and punchy listen. Parlement add their own unique mark to a sound that could be the by product of a Nirvana meets QOTSA meets The Stone Roses merger.

The Director Explains: "The idea is about a freedom from the bureaucracy of city life.  Rather than the obvious negative suicide theme, the video shows the liberation in taking risks.  Like quitting a job for example. The imagery of someone falling down the side of a skyscraper is instantly striking. Plus I find the unnaturally positive emotion to be very interesting. So when Parlement's energetic track came along, I though it was perfect for this concept, especially with the relevance in certain lyrics. With the band's interest in the 'Go With The Flow' video, we landed upon a nice bit of silhouetted sex. The video was made using masking 2D layers in After Effects. The characters move by reshaping the masks and the whole image shaken to add intensity and a sense of speed." - Steve Smith of Wobbly Lobster film-making and comedy writing collective.

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