The Band Explains: Youth Club - 'Breathe' (Video).

Who: Southend-based Youth Club are an indie pop four-piece comprised of Gerrard (vocals), Danny (guitar) Rees (drums) who expand into a six-piece with the addition of Silas (keys and backing vocals) and Davey (bass) when they are playing live shows.  Youth Club first caught people’s attention in May 2014 when they self released their debut EP 'Colours'. It stormed the official independent singles charts reaching No. 25 and charted at No. 7 in the iTunes alternative charts.

About The Track:  'Breathe' is the opening single taken from the band's current EP 'Brothers' which was released via LAB records in February of this year. The track is an enthusiastic, dance-orientated pop offering with a slightly oriental feel. Watery electronics trickle through,fun guitar licks and immediate drums, whilst smooth RnB vocals act as a warm antithesis to a more sombre lyrical theme.  Despite its underlying sadness, this is multi-textured, polished, feel-good music succeeding in bringing people together with heartfelt hooks and fresh arrangements cleverly changing in mood and tempo throughout.

The Band Explains: "We'd had the basic concept knocking around for a while for this style of video but never felt we had the right song to accompany it. However when talking ideas through with the label and director it just seemed to fit, we liked the idea of a fun video to give a contrast to the melancholy lyrics of 'Breathe'.

Youth Club is a collective of four song writers and producers and two more who play live with us, but the name also represents our fans and the people who surround us. We have an amazingly supportive family and group of friends who put up with us locking ourselves in a studio for days on end, only for us to go out on tour as soon as we finish in the studio! The video was a thank you and about giving something back to everyone who've been there for us from the beginning. Everyone had such a laugh on the day of the shoot and hopefully this comes across in the video."

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