The Band Explains: Theo Berndt - 'Stop Pretend' (Video).

Who:  Theo Berndt are an indie pop outfit from Sweden.

About The Track: 'Stop Pretend'  is one of those Marmite tracks, you'll either love or loathe it for all that it is. This is disjointed pop with sprightly use of electronics and arrangements. There's a really unique texture to the lead singer's passionate, accented vocals that are peculiar in their English delivery. An energetic and lively offering that is punchy with its lyricism.

The Band Explains:  "Unlike previous music videos, we knew quite early how we wanted to portray this song. The idea behind the concept was to do something that balanced on a thin line between the extremes. Where the visual gave a direct sense of pleasure but the acting said something else. At the same time we also wanted to connect with the song in some way.
It all resulted in a mini story about a bunch of quirky characters (played by ourselves) that would plan a party. The first sequences would only show the characters individually in separate rooms, preparing for something without any facial expression of joy. But as time goes by they understand more and more that they want to be part of the big picture.

The concept was refined together with our friends and video-master-minds Jesper and Sebastian and filmed in one day at the beginning of 2015. Despite some triggered fire alarms, a broken video camera, and far too much confetti - the recording was fairly painless, and here is the result."

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