The Band Explains: Love Buzzard - 'Cash'.

Who:   Love Buzzard are an English garage-thrash two piece who have recently supported the likes of Slaves, Cerebral Ballzy and God Damn. The band's deubt album 'Antifistamines' is due for release  7th August on 1-2-3-4 Records and the album launch will be held on Weds 5th August at London Fields Brewery.

About The Track: ‘Cash’ is the first single and opening track taken from 'Antifistamines' . The track is an eclectic mix of sound and style combining thrash punk, psych, garage rock and whatever else that damn well takes their fancy. Expect savage vocals, erratic percussion and guitar riffs that carry the track through a spiralling and completely perturbing, meltdown of noise. 

The Band Explains: "'Cash' is about the evil of money. Initially we wanted to shoot a video of a fat banker type geyser stuffing his face with whole chickens whilst watching a stripper pole dance while her head changed into a wierd grotesque granny. Youth Hymns the directors kind of took that idea and moulded it into what the video turned out to be where we turn people into groestque monsters when they're hit with Cash, all drawn by the amazing Russell Taysom. Enjoy!"

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