The Band Explains: F.O.E.S - 'No Sleepers Verse'. (Video)

Liverpudlian cinematic rock quartet  F.O.E.S are Chris Mackrill (vocals and guitars), Joe Danher (vocals and guitars), Josh Catchpole (bass) and James Lorenzo (drums). 

About The Track: 'No Sleepers Verse' is taken from the band's second 5-track EP 'Antecedence' which was released 10th July via Crooked Noise Records. 'No Sleepers Verse' is a delicate yet moody, spacious, track full of emotion in its interweaving vocal harmonies, sparse drumming and spiralling emotive guitar riffs. The track is broken by a slow building, reverb drenched, post rock-esque instrumental that crashes down on itself in explosive desperation.

The Band Explains:
“We had the basic structure of the song written beforehand, but really it came together once Chris had penned some lyrics. 'No Sleepers Verse' was written about a situation involving someone who was stuck in a toxic relationship. The song talks about how that person became lost inside their own head, that they failed to see the truth of how a relationship was really affecting them. We generally stick to writing about what we know, and how we feel, so everything is a little close to home. Perhaps it’s a cathartic thing, but really we like to write about our experiences, especially throughout the Antecedence EP.

Musically, we tried to take our time in building the layers of the song. There was a lot of space left in the song when we took it to the studio, and a lot of the strings and piano parts were written there. We like to build our songs with layers and we think this song really shows what we are all about.

As for the video, we kinda left Simon (Riley, director) to run with his own ideas. We had some ideas floating around before we went to Simon, but he had some strong imagery that we thought would really work and felt extremely comfortable letting him do his thing. It’s always nice to see someone else’s take on your music, especially when its someone talented like Simon.”

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