Single Review: Transviolet - 'Bloodstream'.

LA newcomers  Transviolet follow up their debut single 'Girls Your Age'  with 'Bloodstream' and the shift in tone and mood is immediately apparent from the offset. Long gone is the uplifting, invigorating, serenity of its predecessor, in favour of a moody, heavier mainstream pop sound.

There's a haunting sense of desperation within this lust-driven track that becomes unbearably oppressive due to its explosions of synth, pious harmonies and alluring female vocals which take on many forms. This isn't standardised pop that is neatly packaged, sweet, and innocent. It's jagged, raw, multi-dimensional and damaged, incorporating fusions of electronic, rnb and trip hop.

Above all else, the track's message is simple; "Being in love is knowing someone could completely destroy you. It’s a reckless vulnerability". Its composition is just that; reckless and vulnerable yet contains a clear direction. It also holds a strength that will see it stand its own ground up against the throngs of what is currently a particularly common sound. With this much catharsis, adaptability and likeability, it's looking like Transviolet have a very exciting future ahead of them.

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  1. Crazy good song! I'm gonna have to see these guys live!


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