Single Review: CHINAH - 'We Go Back'.

For many of us music reviewers, we act quickly with our ears. More often than not we make firm and fast judgements. We decide if we like something within the first few seconds of listening. Those brief introductory seconds can be make or break. Quite often, we don't instantly hear something that gets under our skin. We're always looking for something that speaks to us in a particular way; a conversation that often eludes us. That's not to say we don't listen to the rest of the song. That's not to say we don't listen to it more than once. That's not to say it doesn't grow on us. But when we know we like something, we usually know it immediately. Unfortunately, that instant love for new music can be rare.

'We Go Back' is Danish trio CHINAH's second offering and it took us 1 whole second from pressing play to fall in love with it. It was that immediate. It happened that quickly. It's a synth pop lovers dream. The kind of track that breathes new life into tired souls and connects on an ethereal, all-encompassing, aesthetic level. 'We Go Back' is a track that combines trickling, flowing, electronics with 80s pop sensibilities and presents itself as more of a living, prospering, organism with its own fully functioning multi-system.

In a similar way to HAIM, CHINAH incorporate retro nostalgia with funk and pop and create songs that crawl inside of you. However, what CHINAH are doing here is much more experimental. It's an extraordinary offering from a band who are effortlessly exciting. CHINAH have achieved something really beautiful here. Not only that, they got under our skin.

Words of Karla Harris.

'We Go Back' is available now via No.3 label.

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  1. I'm glad you liked this on the first listen. Me too!


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