EP Review: Fizzy Blood - 'FEAST'.

The first thing that popped into my head listening to this EP by Leeds-based 5-piece Fizzy Blood was how it reminded me of ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’ by Panic! At The Disco. ‘FEAST’ has the theatrics and just the right amount of electronic fiddling to enhance the loud guitars and fist-pump-and-ass-wiggle-inducing beats, that made P!ATD’s first album stand out from anything else at the time. That to me is where the comparison should be left, mind. Fizzy Blood have got punk, rock, electronica, metal, and the kitchen sink on tap to draw style from.

The opening track, ‘Black Sheep’, has the essence of a circus big-top swirling throughout the musical themes. If that doesn’t make sense, just hear for yourself.  It encourages dancing. It demanded that I jump around my living room, much the disgust of the cats. Continuing strongly, ‘January Sun’ has an angry punk  vibe that, for the punkophobe in me, is not off-putting.

As the EP progresses Fizzy Blood explore a wide range of sounds, still managing to remain cohesive throughout. Band after band from the last three decades spring into my mind as I listen through track to track; QOTSA, RATM, RoyalBlood, P!ATD, FOB, Don Broco. Still there’s enough distinction in what Fizzy Blood have produced not to be overshadowed by the hints of other great artists.
This EP debut is a cracking effort and these guys have captured my thirst for more.

EP review by Samuel J. Hylands. 

‘FEAST’ was released 22 June 2015 and can be found on iTunes, Soundcloud and Spotify. Fizzy Blood are currently touring the UK and you can buy tickets here.

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