EP Review - The Fierce And The Dead - 'Magnet'.

So much music, so little time. Essentially an abysmal attempt to explain why The Fierce And The Dead have remained, until now, off this reviewer’s post rock/prog rock/whole-heap-of-riffs instrumental musical radar. A new EP. release due 14th August, 'Magnet' is their first offering since 2013‘s ‘Spooky Action’, containing three new tracks alongside two live takes (‘Lets Start A Cult’, ‘Spooky Action’) and a re-recording of ‘Flint’, a track that featured on the band’s 2011 quirkily-titled debut ‘If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe’.

First up is 'Magnet In Your Face’, a scuzz-fest blast clocking in at shy of two minutes. Introducing itself with an instant wake-up of a rock riff, the track takes a turn via a neat guitar sequence before heading directly back to Rock Central with a pretty damn ace ending. So far so good. Things take a slightly less frenetic turn initially with the opening of ‘Palm Trees’, all laid back intro employing Foals-esque guitar (no lazy comparisons intended!). Such shift only serves to welcome with open arms the big hulking groove of a riff that takes over, already providing a sense of the gravity of my error in not checking out TFATD before. A neat mid section drifts by before yet another Big Rock Ending wades in and spills everyone’s drinks.

Although referring back to earlier times, ‘Flint‘ fits seamlessly into 'Magnet', its simple guitar lines and dirty bass carrying the listener along on its enjoyable ride. Hints of electronica are added to the proceedings with the excellent Part 6 (The Eighth Circuit), featuring some great drumming brought into the fore to augment the atmospheric waves of sound on display. The remaining tracks are live recordings from the ‘Spooky Action‘ album, perhaps showing what those lucky punters can expect with TFATD at this year’s Arctangent festival (and, it has to be said, its jaw-dropping line-up). All interweaving riffs and distorted noise, the EP ends on a suitably raucous note.

All in all, 'Magnet' is a very enjoyable release, and certainly wets the appetite for next year’s third TFATD album (as well as providing a personal reminder of yet another musical back catalogue to investigate...). Good work indeed.

EP review by DS_Convertible

'Magnet' will be released on 14th August and  is available for pre-order on both limited edition CD and digital download via bandcamp.

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