Album Review: Moa Bones - 'Spun'.

Summery sonic vibes, harmoniously floating melodic ease and ludic electronic waves - Moa Bones' dreamfully pensive yet vividly sparkling release 'Spun' comes in as a fresh breeze of sound carrying dainty, delicate folk-music bliss of exciting experimental ethos. It's a musically colourful album that invites to immerse in and roam its rich and spiritedly involving soundscapes, that depends on the Greek artist's creative and confident compositional approach as well as on his museful and imaginative narrations. Songs range from pleasant buoyancy to suspenseful blur, tell of traveling, (the singer/songwriter's own and fictional) life experiences and the desire to arrive.

While album opener 'The Journey' sets the tonal heartbeat of the compositions to follow, resonating atmospheric and jauntily swinging playfulness interspersed with a light hint of blues (mark Dimitris Aronis' gripping vocal delivery) and a good dose of americana, the listener finds blurrily swirling synth and mystic lyrical wonder in 'Take It All Away', discovers charmingly ambient guitar briskness and warmly inviting vocals that herald a romantic narrative about wanderlust, when indulging in 'Come On'.

 Musical vagabond 'Wake Up' pours out light-footed and dynamically euphonious melodies, radiates soulfully raucous vocal charisma, whereas 'Once Upon A Time' lays on a vibrantly pompous and haunting sonic style. Moa Bones' follow-up album to debut 'Aquarelles' offers a delightful, melodiously scenic and eventful musical voyage that breathes holiday feel and a sense of adventure - vivifying and blissfully exuberant layers of sound, at times soothing, then ardently raucous vocals paint an overall beautiful and opulent musical picture throughout. A superb summer soundtrack!

'Spun' has been officially released as physical and digital album on May 25th and on vinyl later on in June via indie music label Inner Ear Records, based in Patras, Greece.

Words and thoughts of Nessi Holt

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