Album Review: Delta Sleep - 'Twin Galaxies'.

Reviewing a band that brings elements of math-rock to its musical arsenal can often beg the question of 'how many listens is enough?', before the complexities of the tracks on offer sink in and a feeling for the album is truly gathered. One imagines, however, that such difficulties pale into insignificance when compared to the process of actually writing and playing the guitar parts and drum patterns that are somehow welded together for such releases.

'Twin Galaxies', the first full album by UK band Delta Sleep, combines alt-rock dynamics with moments of those tricky, gnarled riffs. However, the album provides an intriguing and restrained mix of much more than just riffs-for-riffs sake. Indeed, the early moments of the album provide a hint of the variation to come. 'Assemble' begins proceedings with a short intro of (arguably underused) keyboard, before the album springs into life with the instant blast of 'Uncle Ivan'. Initially all urgent vocals and stop-start rhythms, the track settles down to a relaxed and rather beautiful groove that carries the listener along, before crashing head-along into its explosive conclusion.

The combination of lighter passages with heavy riffs continues with '21 Letters', before the brief, simple harmonics of 'Aspetta' calms things down. However, rather than halt the momentum, such interludes (as also provided by the lovely, Bon Iver-esque atmospherics of 'Spy Turtles') serve as a neat refresh before rock service is resumed. The frankly brilliantly-titled 'Daniel Craig David' displays Delta Sleep's talent for off-kilter alt-rock, rolling along on a wave of relaxed vocals and guitar before its heavy ending, whilst 'Spy Dolphin' showcases a knack for those interweaving guitar parts and driving chord progressions. After the instrumental 'Hungry for Love', the album closes on 'Strongthany', all building dynamics before calming everything down to a satisfying ending with group vocal harmonies and gentle guitar.

With many ideas on offer, a high standard of musicianship and tracks with surprising twists and turns, 'Twin Galaxies' is indeed a commendable release.

Album review by DS Convertible.

Delta Sleep -'Twin Galaxies' is available for digital download via bandcamp. Purchase here.

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