The Band Explains: Vienna Ditto - Oh Josephine'. (Video)

Who:  Composed of Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth, Vienna Ditto are a London- based fusion duo who respectfully warp the boundaries of trip hop and experimental compositions to create their own omnipresent sound.

About The Track: 'Oh Josephine' is taken from Vienna Ditto's current album 'Circle’ released 12th June 2015 via Ubiquity Project Records. The track features Taylor's unique warbling vocals  (additionally, the deceptive kind of sultry/sweet that see you crack your teeth if you were to try to bite down on them) up against a backdrop of experimental, sci-fi arrangements that throb and evolve  in quirky bursts of  ethereal life, leaving the listener feeling suspended in a moment of time and space that exists outside of what we have come to know as our own.

The Band Explains: "This video is our latest collaboration with Bobby Bloomfield, film director, musician and general someone-who-can-do-loads-of-things-so-well-you-kind-of-hate-him. It's for the tune 'Oh Josephine', which is taken from our freshly-released debut album 'Circle'. The song itself is an ode to Josephine Baker, the revolutionary dancer- turned-Surrealist muse -turned- French Resistance hero- turned Civil Rights hero- seriously, if you don't already know about her then look the lady up, she's a Goddamn hero.
Bobby took us to his old work, a deserted shopping mall in Reading where people shoot zombies. The place is really quite creepy- it was abandoned in 1996 and lots of stuff is still there in a Marie Celeste kind of way; the kids' play area is the stuff of nightmares.
We went there and enacted a bit of a Bonnie and Clyde-style last stand scenario. The people who work there (as zombies) were lovely- they dressed up as Police and eagerly showed us the best ways to attack them. Then we had pizza. Best night EVER."

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