The Band Explains: San Marina - 'Will It Stay'. (Video)

Photo Credit: Laura-Lynn Petrick

Who: San Marina consists of Ryan Brownrigg (Vocals and Guitar), Marta Cikojevic (Vocals and Keyboards), Burke Cameron (Drums), and Kyle Richardson (Bass). The band is based in Toronto, but all members are from other small towns in Southwestern Ontario. With a wide range of influences - from Deerhunter to Chico Buarque - their genre is also a mixture of several different things, with elements of dream pop, grunge, and beach rock.

About The Track: 'Will it Stay' was recorded by San Marina in several different basements/bedrooms, mixed by drummer Burke Cameron, and mastered by Andrew Cowan at Lacquer Channel. It was written with help from our friend Pat Obrien, who plays bass on the track. It's the first single from a full length that San Marina will be periodically releasing this summer called 'A New Comfort' - the band's first album under the name San Marina.

The Band Explains:  "The idea for the video was to capture the isolation of becoming aware of your own individual perspective among a mass of other varying ones. We shot POV angles from inside a fishbowl to show the difference in perception, and out of body angles to show the main characters reaction to his own awareness. We directed the video, it was shot/edited by our friend Mashie Alam, and stars our old room-mate Dan Haug."

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