The Band Explains: Panic Island - 'We Start Fires' (Video).

Who: Panic Island is the project of North London based songwriting duo Arron Sans and Vinnie Shimia who met in Spain in 2012 during a show performed by ‘The Cult’. Sharing the same musical direction, their aim on formation was to create a new rock band inspired by guitar anthems, contemporary pop songs and the iconic power of the archetypal ‘Rockstar’.

About The Track: Following on from 'Temples', 'We Start Fires' is a fun, fast and dirty offering with thrash rock undertones, brash bass lines, and a roaring melody that ignites and spreads faster than lighter fluid to a naked flame.

The Band Explains: “'We Start Fires' is a call to arms, to inspire a boost of confidence within people. We hope to inspire but we also want to be inspired so we are full of enthusiasm and encouragement for people to be who they want to be.This track is about finding that within yourself and then releasing it, making it bigger and not shying away from who you are!
We hope it gets blasted loud from everyone's radios, but we also hope it inspires people to trust who they are and what they want to achieve in life!"

'Temples' and 'We Start Fires' feature on ‘Cabin Fever’ EP which is available for digital download via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play right now.


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