The Artist Explains: Jay Woodward - 'Howl' (Video).

Who:  LA Based Jay Woodward is an innovator in the indie folk scene, combining modern production techniques with a classic approach to song development and engineering, reminiscent of the 1960's and 70's.

About The Track: Following on from debut single 'Letters We Told',  'Howl' is an introspective, single that juggles hushed moments of reflection and clucking folk guitar lines, with psychedelic, mind-warping instrumental compositions. Howl' is a multi-layered single that takes modern indie folk to distorted, trippy, retro heights, capturing emotive moments of transcendence one uplifting, experimental beat at a time.

The Artist Explains: "'Howl' was shot in late November of 2014 in Big Bear Lake, California and was the brainchild of Leslie Chou -- my close personal friend and creative director. We started with the concept of filming nature, as is the underlining concept of this song and the full album, 'Letters We Told'.  A jewel in the crown of the San Bernardino mountain range, Big Bear has always held special meaning and subconscious welfare of respite, friendship, and realignment. Based on our past admiration of such a special place, we felt it a great location to film a music video that could connect the song, the nature, and the audience."

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