Album Review: Yukon Blonde -'On Blonde'.

As the British weather shows signs of providing some resemblance of sunshine, the temptation to apply the cliched ‘soundtrack to the summer’ tag to bright-sounding indie releases also looms over the horizon. On first listen to ‘On Blonde’, Vancouver-based indie rockers Yukon Blonde appear to offer the requisite components that merit such album labelling. Combining catchy indie guitar riffs with 80’s synths, danceable beats and understated-but-infectious melodies, the ten tracks on offer provide an immediate hit of well-crafted, sugar-coated indie pop.

The hooks of opening track ‘Confused’ are quick to lodge in the ear, providing early evidence of a band that knows how to navigate a memorable chorus. Staccato-riffed new single ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ and the energetic 'Night’ continue the theme of feel-good indie vibes. While reference points can be quick to spring out (an early Kings of Leon guitar line here, an MGMT baseline there), the album feels like a cohesive selection of tracks with its own personality, all underpinned by a lush production that permeates the record.

Pleasingly, any fears that the songs are simply too instant for longer-term reward are repelled on repeated listens. A strong closing trio all stamp their own mark on the album, underlining the variation of themes within this record. The synth-riff-led ‘Starvation‘ is followed by the indie dance salvo of ‘Favourite People’, the latter replete with jerky baselines and a sprinkling of yet-more-catchy guitar. The album ends on the excellent Killers-esque ‘Jezebel’, serving to round off the album in an accomplished and confident manner.

So, lazy seasonal-based accolades aside, ‘On Blonde’ is well worth a listen, with or without the sun.

Album review by DS Convertible.

Yukon Blonde -'On Blonde' is available for digital download via iTunes. Purchase it here.

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