The Band Explains: Panic Island - 'Temples'. (Video)

Who: Panic Island is the project of North London based songwriting duo Arron Sans and Vinnie Shimia who met in Spain in 2012 during a show performed by ‘The Cult’. Sharing the same musical direction, their aim on formation was to create a new rock band inspired by guitar anthems, contemporary pop songs and the iconic power of the archetypal ‘Rockstar’.

About The Track: Produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, The Horrors) 'Temples' is taken from the band's debut EP 'Cabin Fever' due for release on May 18th. 'Temples' is an energetic track of anthemic proportions; Its driving force its slick riffs, contagious chorus, layered vocals, and theatrical play on vocal tone during its verses. Despite a prevalent sense of darkness, 'Temples' is a pretty empowering track that holds enough voltage to short circuit a whole nation,  leaving you satisfied, exhausted and sweating in the blackout. 

The Band Explains: “We wanted to create a video that reflected the underlying message of the song, which is about lovers not trusting one another. The doubt that creeps in through jealousy and which ultimately leads to their downfall. We wanted to be visually stunning and dark, so we decided to go with imagery that reflected the stages of the downfall, I'm the green-eyed monster whispering seeds of doubt into the ego, played by Vinnie, our friend Lena plays 'her'; she is the lost lover caught in the middle and in the end we are all left tortured. We had our friend Taylan, the director, collaborating with us and put a close team together for the production. The DIY approach is so satisfying, we got to realise our vision and it was so much fun working on it together, can't wait to make more!".

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