EP Review: Allyson Ezell – 'The Ease Of Remembering Sparks – Part 1'.

'The Ease Of Remembering Sparks – Part 1' is Allyson Ezell's current four-track EP. Apart from the obvious comparison to Björk (which many female alternative pop artists face nowadays, strangely enough), Paris-based singer/songwriter Allyson Ezell goes a rather easy yet interesting way with these four new songs. 'Pick It Up', the EP's opening track, is a simple pop song with a danceable hook. But it is the second song 'Landmine' which shows what Allyson Ezell is really able of: almost dubstep-like synthesizer bass sounds, sparse drum rhythms and witty lyrics about some kind of dangerous love make this the EP's best song easily. Following this one and being a fine mix between modern soul music and slow-paced electronic sounds, 'Talk To Me' shows how the mood of 60s soul music can sound without any need for overproduction and big beats. Similar to the EP's opening song, the closing track 'Disappear (What I Do)' is another modern pop song, this time with a few RnB elements.

All in all Allyson Ezell's 'The Ease Of Remembering Sparks – Part 1' is a short but very interesting EP that makes the listener wonder what the second part will sound like. So far, the mix of RnB and electronic sounds presented on this EP is a nice and fresh treat.

Album review by Wolfgang Merx

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