Single Review: Swim Deep - 'To My Brother'.

'To My Brother', released February 2015, sees the first insight into Swim Deep's new material. Moving away from the grungey harmonic sounds of their debut album 'Where The Heaven Are We', new single 'To My Brother' transports you away from the dreamy teenage innocence we are used to from this B-town indie band, and greets you with a hard hitting dynamism that marks the revival 70's acid tones and house.

The band have managed to maintain their own distinctive style without imitating such an iconic era of music. Austin William's haunting gospel style vocals, pared back lyrics and energetic baselines provided by Cavan McCarthy, notably contribute to this seamless track to create a zesty, synth-soaked and totally original throwback to psychedelia.

Williams has described the track as taking influence from both Kanye West's album 'Yeezus' and Fleetwod Mac's 'Rumors', combing modern dance music - evident in Zachary Robinson's drumming patterns - with a neo-paychedelic flair, signalling a new direction in achieving the band's aspirations; "We wanted to radicalise chart music," Williams told NME. An ambitious role to take on,  but one that was executed flawlessly. This hypnotic anthem will carry you back to the late 70s and yet keep you excited for the band's future. We cannot wait to hear the rest of the album.

-Sophia Thomalla

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