Band To Check Out: Lux Lisbon

Presumably named after one of the characters from Jeffrey Eugenides controversial novel, 'The Virgin Suicides,' Lux Lisbon are a London-based, cinematic, indie four-piece balancing  female/male vocals and harmonies consisting of ; Stuart Rook  (Vocals, Keyboards, Songs), Charlotte Austen  (Vocals, Bass), Tom Cooper - (Guitar, Vocals), Johnny Colgan  (Drums), and the occasional appearance of  Elliot Phelps (Trumpet).

Citing influences such as the likes of Dog is Dead, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and Bloc Party, Lux Lisbon have a very likeable mainstream quality about them and as a band, seem to balance sincere, creative, professionalism with a cheeky, fun, frivolous nature which can be seen most notably through their music videos.
I mean, we're talking dancing David Camerons and Boris Johnsons in 'Bullingdon Club', Super Nintendo SF2 Zombies... erm, reinactments... in the video for 'Your Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your Fist', a Wes Anderson inspired video for 'Get Some Scars' and a David Lynch rip off for 'Demons You Show'.  All of these videos (and more) can be found on Lux Lisbon's Youtube Playlist at the bottom of the page.

Not only that, Lux Lisbon have kindly made their 'Get Some Scars' EP (Special Edition) available on their  bandcamp page at a name your price value. So, that's FREE. Or however much you generously think it may be worth.  The EP features 11 tracks, ranging from the soft country/ folk, cinematic beauty that is  'Keep Me Wild', an enthusiastic indie  Bestival performance of  'We Don't Believe in Love No More' which has an overwhelming Killer's vibe, and a breathtaking cover of 'Demon's You Show' for BBC Acoustic.

Lux Lisbon's strengths that set them apart lie largerly in their lyricism and the balance of Austen's smoky vocals and   rock/country harmonies against Rook's deep indie pop tone. Their music takes on many forms and emotions. It can be attmospheric, anthemic, intimate , dark, light hearted, lovelorn, sultry, theatrical. There's a track for every mood.

Our favourite you might ask?  Why it's 'The Devil Got Me Dancing' of course.

See Lux Lisbon live:

Lux Lisbon @ Bush Hall, London. Fri 12th June -  7:45 - 11pm Buy Tickets.

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