Single Review: Goodbye Stranger - 'Why Reduce Yourself'.

 December 2015 saw London indietronica four-piece, Goodbye Stranger emerge from the shadowy depths of their comfort zone to share their debut studio single 'Cave'.  On reaching our radar, this fresh faced, four-piece, immediately spiked our interest with the quality of their introductory track ,which speaks with the maturity of a single that could have been released by a band who, you would presume, is much more familiar with the music scene than these newcomers are.  With that in mind, it  really comes as no surprise to us that follow up single 'Why Reduce Yourself'  is just as catchy and worthy of credit as its predecessor.

 Released on 4th February 2015, 'Why Reduce Yourself' is a track that carries a gentle dream pop, sense of nostalgia expressed through waves of shimmery guitar and concise, echoed vocals. As the track develops, the dreamy feeling increases, reaching its peak amidst a relaxed 80s inspired melodic synth instrumental, broken only by a poignant, repeated "Let the sky pull you in". mantra of positivity. 'Why Reduce Yourself' soothes the soul like warm rays of sun kissing neglected skin, before fading out in uninterrupted ripples of sweet, reflecting wonderment. We sense Goodbye Stranger is a name you will be hearing a whole lot more of as the year progresses and the band sonically continue growing stronger.