EP Review: Habitats - 'Diamond Days'. & Place To Be This Weekend: Bar Mondo, Dartford.

'Diamond Days' is the debut EP from London/Hampshire four-piece Habitats, which sees the band twirl on to the indie scene with all the momentum of a tropical storm. The four-track EP balances both low pressure and high pressure tracks each with its own significant spiral arrangement of sound and influence, emitting a humidity that would break even a hygrometer.

EP opener, title track and debut single 'Diamond Days' is a colourful, vibrant track with twisty summery melodies and sound-of-the-jungle synths interspersed with melodic twinkles of dream pop, groove and a  post punk influence, especially noticeable within its astute guitar arrangements. 'Peace of Mind' follows with a sound overflowing with catchy. groove-beats and a standardised indie play on vocal tone and experimentation. It is within the clunky tropical arrangements that we see the bands unique offerings fully emerge.

'Turn Down The Sun' comes with a soulful groove vibe that is more relaxed than the first two tracks and makes you want to clap your hands and two step. But it is album closer 'Lay Me Down' that is the song that holds the most surprises. Perhaps it could be said that this is the most mature track of the EP in terms of its composition and lyricism. Interbred with many genres, it takes on a slower, chilled tone that still has moments where you would imagine cartoon coconuts falling out of a tree, hitting every branch on the way down. It also has some very interesting harmonies that despite its slow tempo, make the track extremely fun listening.

Habitats have a very special way of manipulating standard sounds to fit their vision. They are adaptable creatures who are not afraid to tweak their sound in ways you might not necessarily expect to work. With a line up that is considerably ambivalent in terms of each member sharing musical abilities, no member of the band stands at the forefront, making them a four way equal partnership. Not only that a source from Habitats headquarters revealed to us that their sound has once been described as "like indie / new wave / afrobeat / with a twist of lemon and some coconut milk served with an ice cube". So basically, you can drink them to.

If you'd like to get down to sample a taste of the band (but please don't try to lick them), you will be able to 

catch them headlining the only place to be this weekend: Rebel Rebel's event at Bar Mondo, Dartford, Kent. Alternatively, check the many live dates on Habitats Facebook page to catch them in a town near you. 

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