Single Review: Lake Malawi - 'Chinese Trees'.

Formed in September 2013, indie-pop outfit Lake Malawi is the project of Albert Cerny (singer and songwriter of MTV Award winning band, Charlie Straight) Patrick Karpentski (guitars, bass), Pavel Pilch (drums) and Jeroným Šubrt (bass, guitars, keys) who divide their time between London and Prague. 

Citing influences such as Coldplay, Bon Iver, Beck and Phoenix, Lake Malawi's current single 'Chinese Trees' is an uplifiting, vivacious, song that gives a lot of leeway for its slightly accented vocal performance and easy listening lyricism to take the helm and lead the track through seas of energetic, dominating pop keys, rattling percussion, and quirky synths and harmonies.

Recorded and co-produced by Matt Lawrence (Mumford & Sons, Vaccines, Foals) and mixed by Mo Hausler (Bats For Lashes, Everything Everything, Dog is Dead) 'Chinese Trees' is a song of anthemic proportion in its own right, that points Lake Malawi in the possible direction of mainstream popularity, if the band keep producing records to this standard and continue to be marketed in the right way over the upcoming years.