Video: The Courtesans - 'The Power Of Love' (Frankie Goes To Hollywood).

London-based, doom-pop meets electro-rock four-piece, The Courtesans are an empowering all girl group with a clear "be whatever you want to be" image and an incredible sound. They are a band of talented artists who know who they are, know the message they are sending out and will cross any line to make sure they are heard loud and clear. Their debut single 'Genius' didn't beat around the push in defying society's standards of what it means to be "perfect", to be "beautiful" to "conform".

The Courtesans ethos is more Riot Grrrl than Spice Girls or Girls Aloud and rightly so. There is still a very unfortunate struggle for women in music. Let me rephrase; strong women, who refuse to be moulded or painted to fit into a mainstream 'pop' sound. You only have to look at the likes of Avril Lavigne and Hayley Williams to see how their 'rebellious' images and pop-punk sounds, have 'matured' into 'catchy' just-pop, tunes that go against everything they stood for when they began making music. It's early days for The Courtesans but they seem solid, unmoving, and unlikely to disappoint fans by "maturing" into a more standardised sound and 'conservative' roles.

To end the year on a most beautiful high, The Courtesans have covered Frankie Goes to Holloywood's 'The Power Of Love' . The video sees the band warmly sharing the love (quite literally) and handing out free hugs to fellow Londoners, contrasted with live, edgy footage from their December 6th show at Manchester's Ruby Lounge.

See The Courtesans live:

February 14 - The Macbeth, London
February 27 - The Box, Crewe

February 28 - The Railway, Bolton

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