The Band Explains: Beautiful Boy - 'But You Do' (Video).

Who: Conceived in a bedsit on Holloway Road, North London, but currently based along the south coast of England, Beautiful Boy was founded by Singer Dane Etteridge, who began writing and demoing a handful of songs with the intention of starting a new band. Etteridge then teamed up with the common musical interest and intent of Simon Goldring (drums), Joseph Heaselgrave (guitar), Greg Bishop - (bass) and Tom Beck - (organ/keys) which leads us to the formidable quintet we have before us now.

About the song: 'But You Do' was released via Republic of Music on June 19th and is kindly STILL running as a free download on the band's Soundcloud page. The track features the familiar melancholy drawl which we, as Beautiful Boy fans, have become accustomed to, but there are also some great instrumental arrangements present. We are especially digging the psychedelic feel in the chorus and the uplifting electric guitar solo that nods toward a 1970s British rock 'We Are The Champions' vibe Queen would be proud of.

The Band explains: "With the ‘But You Do’ video we wanted to make what appeared to be a relatively pretentious art house film, slowly shot, black and white, heavy in drama etc… but instead of great actors acting out the part we thought it would be a really funny juxtaposition to get puppets to act out the story, and we had friends who work within a puppeteering company and they had access to type of puppetry called ‘Ban Raku’, and they really knew their stuff. It was a very surreal shoot. I think it turned out pretty well, as i found you watch it and maybe laugh at first but by the end your drawn into the story, which to be fair is a one a lot of have been through in real life, the break down of relationships etc." - Dane Etteridge.

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