Single Review: Goodbye Stranger - 'Cave'.

If ever there was a wolf  in disguise lurking among us, it's here and now in the form of  London-based indie/electronica four-piece, Goodbye Stranger. Do not be fooled by their fresh faces, their youthfulness, their newcomer status. These guys were not born yesterday. They are dangerous.Their weapon of choice?  A wholesome appetite for mixing it up and weaving genres into their own unique blend of loveliness.

Goodbye Stranger's synth-soaked, first ever, studio single, 'Cave'  is out now and available for online streaming via their Soundcloud page. Adeptly crafted, 'Cave' begins by lulling the listener into a warm, euphoric sense of dreamy, floor-filler themed, security. Its rhythmic dance beat, its driving force.
However, it's not all glowsticks and lollipops. The lightness of the track is constantly challenged by wet vocals, and washy guitar riffs, of which add a layer of wallowing, moody, richness. This, in turn, forms a perfect partnership with the overwhelming presence of melancholy lyricism, casting any initial expectations of the track aside. 

Having already cultivated a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we are sure we're not the only one who are tipping Goodbye Stranger as ones to watch for 2015. Let's face it; Indietronica has never sounded so good.