The Band Explains: Beautiful Boy - 'Bodies' (Video).

Who: Conceived in a bedsit on Holloway Road, North London, but currently based along the south coast of England, Beautiful Boy was founded by Singer Dane Etteridge, who began writing and demoing a handful of songs with the intention of starting a new band. Etteridge then teamed up with the common musical interest and intent of Simon Goldring (drums), Joseph Heaselgrave (guitar), Greg Bishop - (bass) and Tom Beck - (organ/keys) which leads us to the formidable quintet we have before us now. 

About the song: Due for release on 'Ltd 7" Vinyl' via RAK records on November 10th with a digital release set for a week later, 'Bodies'  is a track filled with urgency featuring quirky, cinematic/rock arrangements that accompany the thought-provoking lyricism crooned by Etteridge's distinctive vocals at either a race against time speed or slowed down moments of somber reflection. 

The Band explains: ‘With the video we wanted to show that despite how very different a lot of people think they are from each other, that really when you boil it down people are all very similar. We all have a very short time on earth as life is incredibly fleeting, everyone has something about them that really excites them and makes them feel alive and that life is far to short to not indulge in the things that make you happy. The song is about something quiet morbid so we wanted to put a positive spin on something that could be perceived as negative with this video'.

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