Video Vault: Cats Park - 'In My Room'.

Who: Formed in 2011, Cats Park are a Russian 5-piece consisting of; Alex Andreev (bass, keys), Fajee (vocals), Roman Shatohin (guitar), Alexander Alekseev (Keys) and Yuri Andreev (drums).

About the song: Taken from the bands 2013 debut LP, "A Taste of Heaven", 'In My Room' is a down-tempo, atmospheric track with emotively powerful, undeniabley excellent, vocals.

Why have we vaulted the video? Up against a wonderfully scenic background, we become spectators travelling on the lone car journey of a woman and a young girl, who are later joined by a couple they find on the roadside. The video is composed of slow motion, dull and drained, or out of focus shots. All our senses awaken as flickers of light intersperse through moments of darkness. Aesthetically pleasing, the video is full of wonder as we sometimes intrusively (and uncomfortably) try to gauge the feelings and emotions on the faces of those in the foreground of the clip. Artistic, natural, and despite being drained of most colour, the video is immediately captivating, and in sync with the track every step of the way.

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